February 6, 2023

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North Cyprus Forum was created in 2009 by Nigel Watson and it soon Nigel Watson smlgrew to be the leading forum in North Cyprus but sadly with his death in 2014, despite dedicated support by his moderators it began to fade away.

During 2015 friends and admirers of Nigel Watson came together and using their experiences in running their own web sites, they decided to recreate his forum using the latest techniques and at the same time keep to his dream of running a friendly forum.

Time moves on and we have now decided to incorporate North Cyprus Forum into cyprusscene.com and we welcome you to our NC forum where you can participate in our forum chats as a member and if you wish, start your own chat thread topic in the appropriate forum.

You can also user the members events manager to upload subject to approval, details of local events in the TRNC.

 To join North Cyprus Forum please click register in the box on the right and enter your name, email address and a username, password and  when approved, you will then receive an email confirming your membership to sign in and enter the Forum section of North Cyprus Forum.

Forum discipline

Do help us to keep this forum as a friendly place where there will be no attempts allowed to bully or intimidate others.

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