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    Hope 4 Pets is a registered animal rescue charity in England and Wales in the UK and also here in the TRNC and they will be holding a celebration party at The Courtyard Inn, Karakum on Friday 15th September 6:30pm with entertainment by Brian Delaney and Mr ‘James’ Smile.

    To book a table and your choice of meal as shown on the poster below please call Mo on 0392 815 3343 who will be making a donation from the cost of all meals ordered.

    In the meanwhile we bring you a story of one of those lucky animals that have been rescued and still awaits a forever home and if you can help please call 0533 845 0640 to help. Thank you


    ‘I was found in the street, homeless, distressed and hungry; now I’m having a bath. There’s a tasty meal on the way, then I’m off to the vets.

    I’ve met some lovely two and four-legged people here, we go for a walk twice a day, we have great fun; seems as though I haven’t got a care in the world. But I need a forever home; can you please help?

    Ruffy. X’.

    Hope 4 Pets event at The Courtyard Inn

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