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    The posting in http://www.kibrismanset.com after a google translation seems to saying the following:

    “85 euro penalty in the new plateau Greek section!

    In accordance with the regulations of the vehicle license plate which the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cyprus went to the scope of harmonization studies with the European standards, new plates were applied to the Greek police.
    Police in the south of Nicosia in southern Nicosia on some vehicles were punished for the reasons of new plaques. Many of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus drivers who wear plaques on the vehicles that were started in the past days were found not to be recognized when they were turned over from the border gates and learned that some of the car drivers who went to the Greek side were charged 85 Euros by the Greek police.

    A statement by the Greek Cypriot police to Turkish Cypriot citizens stated that the back yellow frontal white strips permit travel in the South with red stripes and that it can not be traveled.”

    If you are driving south, do make sure you have the correct number plates.

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