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ATA have a great turnout at Azra Claire’s restaurant

Nigel and Paul Woolaston-Evans, organisers of this month’s Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) Social Gathering at Azra Claire’s in Girne, were for once left speechless by both the large number of members and guests who attended the Sunday lunchtime gathering and the praise-full comments given to […]

Anglo Turkish Association November quiz winner is Joe Beer

ATA Facebook ‘Guess the Celebrity Competition’ is another example of an association doing something different. The Facebook Group members and Facebook Page followers of the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus (ATA) have throughout the year been taking part in a fun competition to Guess the Celebrity, with […]

Covid-19, is it set to stay and, if so, what will happen next?

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…. As the period of our living with Covid-19 continues, people have seriously started thinking of accepting it as part of their lives. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, some people had mentioned that it would not be possible to eradicate the virus completely. […]

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