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World Architectual Problems and Praxis Examined at GAU, Girne

ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION FOR WORLD PROBLEMS AND PRAXIS EXAMINED AT GAU Girne American University, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts organized this event whilst Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Architectures participated in the series of seminars namely “Architecture Facing World Problems” later continuing with Praxis: Can Architecture be Socially […] / Economic Affairs / Cyprus bailout delayed amid debt restructuring reports

Cyprus needs a Greek haircut Yet more sad tidings coming in via the internet and this time it concerns the so-called agreement between Cyprus and Troika for a bailout. Reading the EU Observer article it seems that the IMF and its European partners are far from happy at the prospect of […]

Famagusta Gazette – President Christofias to visit Turkish occupied north Cyprus after election

Christofias – A bad dream? Fresh in via the internet is this article from the Famagusta Gazette which makes interesting reading and perhaps gives an insight into the mind and thinking of the outgoing Cypriot President. If Turkey left our shores and he were to reverse the roles […]

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