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TRNC News Today 19th August 2013 – Russia demands use of Cyprus airbase

TRNC News Today 19th August 2013 PRESIDENT EROĞLU: ‘IT IS THE THIRD TIME THAT A FIRE BREAKING OUT IN PIRGO HAS SPREAD INTO TRNC’ President Derviş Eroğlu has examined the Yeşilırmak area, where the huge fire disaster happened. President Eroğlu visited the fire zone yesterday morning. Having examined […]

World And EU Standard Pilotage Education In GAU

WORLD AND EU STANDARD PILOTAGE EDUCATION IN GAU Girne American University Higher School of Aviation commenced admissions under the required sectorial vocational vacancies thus training and specializing individuals as experts and leaders in this field. The announcement further emphasized that student candidates will be eligible to be granted […]

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