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Girne American University – Swimming Courses

Girne American University GAU SWIMMING COURSES END FOLLOWING THE CERTIFICATE CEREMONY The GAU Summer School Swimming Courses certificate ceremony has been completed. The ceremony that was held in the GAU Cyprus Girne Campus Sports Complex swimming pool was attended by participants of various age groups and categories as […]

World And EU Standard Pilotage Education In GAU

WORLD AND EU STANDARD PILOTAGE EDUCATION IN GAU Girne American University Higher School of Aviation commenced admissions under the required sectorial vocational vacancies thus training and specializing individuals as experts and leaders in this field. The announcement further emphasized that student candidates will be eligible to be granted […]

GAU – No Unreachable Country Nor Unvisited Harbour Will There Be

No Unreachable Country Nor Unvisited Harbour Will There Be Girne American University (GAU) Maritime and Transportation College gives education for four years with Transportation and Logistic.  Simulator, education station and outdoor laboratories are being put into service of education for the Deck (Maritime Transportation Management Engineering) Departments. Students […]

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