This website was created in late July 2012 with the object of publishing articles and information not only for the people of North Cyprus but also for the rest of the world to see. Since its creation the site has seen a rapid growth in readership throughout the world

The articles are written by volunteers living in North Cyprus and in other countries who have a desire to express their interests in words, photographs, videos and soundtracks.

The website is basically a community portal giving access to a wide range of information regarding activities and topics going on in North Cyprus and also to bring together the many nationalities living here.

Such has been the recognition locally of this site that the founders, Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard, have been interviewed by Can Gazi on the local BRT TV program “A Cup of Conversation” and by Denise Phillips on her radio show, “The Main Event” on Bayrak International.

Chris and Margaret were interviewed by Engin Dervişağa for his BRT Vox Pop programme and one year later Engin returned to talk to us to find out how was progressing.

Since then after working on a project with a local newspaper it was decided to concentrate and focus on the internet and to strengthen news and reviews sharing ties with other local websites listed below and the North Cyprus Forum click here

Chris Elliott is the founder of “” which is intended to be an online community review of both local and other news and interesting and entertaining information.

Chris photo 2 3Chris has had the enjoyment and privilege of writing in two North Cyprus newspapers and he places great value on these experiences as they have allowed him to develop his skills of promoting and publishing news and reviews.

With this thought in mind, Chris wanted to see more permanence of news and interesting articles and therefore built this website to share this information to a wider future audience.

The other interesting feature is that a wide selection of pictures can be shown either in album or slideshow mode plus audio tracks which makes for a far more interesting experience than can be had with a newspaper.

With these facts in mind the team are committed to continue their quest to make this a first class North  Cyprus community portal where information can be found and also shared.

We thank you, our many readers, and we look forward to your continued support and future visits.

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sheard[1]Margaret Sheard, a Secretary/PA in the UK, retired to live permanently in North Cyprus in 2003.  In the early days she was involved in a small way with a number of local charities.

She had some months experience writing for a local newspaper and is now committed to writing for a wider international readership which can be achieved through “cyprusscene”, as editor and proof reader as well as an author.

Margaret likes to take on projects which have some depth and will result in an interesting story and although these are time consuming she also finds time to concentrate on the charity scene and other events and produces a weekly events calendar covering the months ahead for the entertainment and events available in North Cyprus.

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Ralph Kratzer was born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1957 and was educated at the Baccalaureate High School  He holds a degree in Economic Information and served for 12 years in the German Army before joining a French computer company for 10 years.

He then ran his own motorcycle and gastronomy businesses before deciding to retire

He arrived in North Cyprus with his second wife in 2004 and since her sad loss in 2011, has kept himself very busy trying to help others with similar problems and in 2012 became the Secretary of  “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC” (TFR) and is very keen to see expat communities coming together and playing their part in helping North Cyprus, their adopted homeland.

To read more of TFR on Facebook  click here

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kathy-martin-3Kathy Martin, moved to the TRNC in 2006 with her husband Alistair. After his tragic death, on 1st November 2015, she discovered he had written his life story and wanted to share it with others.

Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard showed her how to publish this and her own life story on cyprusscene and her own blog page click here. The enjoyment gained from producing this has led her to producing further “blogs/articles” for “cyprusscene”.

Having had no experience of the newspaper industry, at times, this has been a steep learning curve for Kathy, BUT now she is really enjoying being part of an ever expanding on-line news site.

Kathy is very keen to help the various local charities “get” their stories out to the world through “”.

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Can Gazi courtesy of Heidi Trautmann sml faceCan Gazi was born in London in 1971. His parents had moved from Cyprus to the UK in 1963. After graduating from Greenwich University with a degree in Applied Biology Can and family decided to return to their homeland and in 1994 settled back on the island for good. After a few weeks of training and later completing his obligatory one month military service, Can officially began his radio career with Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation in February 1995 with the English language radio channel Bayrak International.

Today Can has a studio based TV show “A Cup of Conversation” as well as  still presenting various programmes on Bayrak International. He is most fond of his “Northern Exposure” show which he has been co-hosting every evening of the working week since September 1996 with fellow DJ Fatoş Baykal. The programme is all about North Cyprus, its history, geography and culture. But most of all it’s about promoting local events (art, culture, social & charity) and informs listeners as to what’s happening on the island.

Please read more of Can, BRT and activities by clicking here.

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Engin Dervişağa was born in the UK and was educated at Wembley High School until at the age of 18 when he came to North Cyprus and studied at the Near East University in Travel and Tourism Management where he gained a degree before joining BRT in 1997 as a TV Transmission Director and has progressed from there and now runs an outside TV unit visiting interesting people every week with a TV crew and carries out the interviews, directs the recording and then comes back to the studio where he processes and presents “Vox Pop” which is an English language TV transmission which has had Turkish sub titles added to reach a wider audience and is transmitted on Sundays at 10.30am and on Mondays at 12.00 noon.

Although this weekly TV project keeps him very busy, he also presents a radio show “Top Twenty” on Saturdays at 20.30pm.

If that’s not enough to keep Engin busy, he is married to Pinar with a baby daughter, Bode and has a cat and a Cyprus terrier and still finds time to read and go to the cinema.

Please read more of Engin, BRT and activities by clicking here.

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Ismail Veli smlIsmail Veli Arrived in the UK on September 25, 1962 and being only 6 years old,  for Ismail the break from a rural village settling into one of the greatest capital cities in the world was a traumatic but exciting experience. Let’s not forget that his village in Cyprus, “Lurucina”,  in 1962, electricity was just coming through, there was no running water, television or any amenities remotely modern to think of. Unlike today, when children can sit in front of the TV and Computers and see the world evolve before their eyes, by comparison all they had were dreams and stories told by a few elders who had either served in the British army or by the few who may have returned to the village to visit relatives.

Ismail became a successful businessman in the UK but has remained a champion of Turkish Cypriot human rights and is very active trying to promote and protect that cause.

From a young age he developed a passion to learn more of Lurucina (Akincilar) and after many years of painstaking work, he created a fantastic web page which records the history of the village and its people. Please click here to view “Families of Lurucina” .

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Graham Brown began his career in the film and television industry in 1970 with a small film company. Here he was trained as an assistant cameraman. He then progressed to being freelance and worked his way up through the ranks from assistant cameraman to focus puller and camera operator and then lighting. He then joined Tyne Tees television as a Lighting Cameraman in 1978 and worked on many documentaries and dramas. In 1990 he changed course again and went back freelancing as a Director of Photography and worked on many commercials and Rock Concerts as well as a brief period teaching lighting and camera techniques at the European Media School.

In 2010, Graham together with his partner Trudy decided to retire to Cyprus having bought their house in 2005. After moving to Esentepe they realised that they wanted to do more for the village and the surrounding area so Graham set up a website “Esentepe Community” (under his own web address This has now become his hobby and he finds it very rewarding to promote such a beautiful village and island.

To see the first article published on cyprusscene with video by Graham please click here.

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Trevor Hughes came to live in North Cyprus during 2006 but with a working background as a technician in the British National Health Service, Emergency Services and a later career as Personnel Manager with two motor dealer companies, it comes as no great surprise the he wanted to share his skills for the benefit of others in his new homeland.

Together with his wife Mary, they have been very involved with helping fund raising with two of the larger TRNC charities and with their internet communications skills, they also produce a monthly news round which is also shared on our website for your information.

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