September 23, 2023

By Chris Elliott… had the good fortune of being able to share all of its WordPress posts to Anchor the world’s largest Podcast Hosting Channel where selected posts could be converted into audio files and published as podcasts that were then shared with other podcast channels.

Sadly when Anchor combined with Spotify the facility for the automatic transfer of text files for conversion to audio files was removed but we had been able to obtain apps that enable us to make these text-to-audio conversions and now are sharing our selected podcast directly with Spotify who in turn share our podcast into other selected podcasts channels. It’s worth noting where we have been producing Video Reviews these are shared as videos on Spotify and then the audio recording is shared with other worldwide podcast channels.

Looking back at the mixed selection of published podcasts we found that the many news and review items received mixed interest so we have now decided to concentrate on the publication of all news and reviews that support and drives for the Recognition of the TRNC and to demonstrate how the UN, EU, UK and other interlocutors are maintaining the Cyprus Issue status quo and not giving international recognition and equality to the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus.

I would like to ask our followers to support our efforts by visiting our Spotify Podcast page and clicking like on our articles and if you can further support our work by making a donation to our Buy Me a Coffee campaign it will be greatly appreciated and helps with the ever-increasing publishing production costs.

Thank you.

If you like CyprusScene news and reviews your support will be much appreciated by Buying a Coffee which will help with our production costs. Thank you

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