December 6, 2023

“Preserving our cultural heritage for future generations is important”

President Ersin Tatar attended the inauguration of the Ozanköy Carob Molasses Festival. 

Addressing the festival that was being held in the centre of the village, President Tatar stressed the importance of organising festivals of this nature, adding that “preserving and keeping alive the cultural heritage of Turkish Cypriot People and passing these down to future generations is important”.

Emphasising that “Girne is one of the most beautiful spots in the eastern Mediterranean”, President Tatar stated: “The celebration of our culture and traditions in festivals of this nature, in an enchanting area of our TRNC, adds more meaning and purpose. We place great importance on the preservation of our cultural heritage and passing these on to future generations. Such festivals also serve as a reminder for us to respect and care for our nature and environment.”

President Tatar spoke about the health benefits of carobs, from lowering cholestrol to cleaning harmful toxins in the body, and explained how Turkish Cypriot villagers traditionally make carob molasses, which is a favourite ingredient in many foods. 

President Tatar expressed his gratitude to everyone who made an effort in the organisation and are participating in the festival, to keep the Turkish Cypriot culture alive, adding: “We are doing everything we can to keep our cultural heritage alive and to promote the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”


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