December 12, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

The journey of Cyprus Scene spreads over 11 years and was created because we watched with frustration as local news media newspapers and magazines came and then disappeared and I guess it’s because it was too much like hard work and cost people money.

I have been funding the various CyprusScene media operations like a website, online e-newspaper, podcasts, etc from my shrinking pensions, and with my production costs rising I decided to reach out to our followers and ask for their help.

When publishing articles through our various media channels, we now ask readers if they like what we are doing to promote news and reviews from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to consider making a small donation to our “Buy Me A Coffee” account which will help support our continued publishing costs.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those lovely people who have made donations and also to the many people who acknowledge and like our articles wherever they are shared through social media pages.

Since Margaret Sheard my lovely friend and partner died last year, it has been very difficult to keep the volume of CyprusScene publishing going and I would like to thank HughJarrs who does a splendid job translating all of our Turkish language contributions and If there is any reader who would like to perhaps create or help post articles on our website ready for publishing, I will be delighted to hear from them.

Finally thank you to all of the contributors for all of the news and reviews you send to us for publishing and if you can Buy Me A Coffee that will also be appreciated.

If you like CyprusScene news and reviews your support will be much appreciated by Buying a Coffee which will help with our production costs. Thank you
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