December 6, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

I have been asked more than once if I knew someone to do art portraits from photos as a special present. There is always an occasion to celebrate or to say thank you.

Recently, Maxene Shailer, a friend and member of the Thursday Artists, came to our meeting with a beautiful portrait she had done as a birthday present made from a daughter to her father.

So, I told her that portraitists are in great demand and I suggested that she would do it professionally as it would give her the opportunity to try her art with different personalities. In art, I said, it is the continuous observance and work that brings us further, that makes us understand, especially with human beings. In the meantime, she has done some more portraits and she told me, yes, she would very much like to continue on this line.

I have been following Maxene Shailer for many years, the first years she worked in watercolours inspired by the beauty and colour of Cyprus. She later was trained in Istanbul in collage and followed on to develop her own distinctive style in a wide variety of semi-abstract paintings. Many will remember the exhibitions where she showed her work. She has also been commissioned by businesses and individuals alike for personal and corporate work, which means going to the core of the project, and bringing out the essentials. 12 years ago, she joined the Thursday Artists to develop life drawing. She makes part of my art book ‘The Thursday Artists – A Road of Friendship’ where you can read her complete biography and see samples of her work.

So, if you have a favourite photograph of someone special, she will transform it into an A4-mounted oil pastel study for you. The photograph must be as clear and detailed as possible, head and shoulders only.

Maxene Shailer would for the start make an introductory price of £95 or €105, respectively, the equivalent in TL will be to the current exchange rate. If you are interested, get in touch with her and get details from

I attach here some artworks of hers from different periods and the latest portraits, also pet portraits, she had done.

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