December 11, 2023

Girne Municipality has made the following announcements regarding the payment points and services that will be available during the holiday.  The Corporate Communication Directorate of Girne Municipality says that citizens will be able to carry out their transactions during the holiday period at Baldöken Car Park (except for the first day/cashier), Girne Municipality Terminal Offices (KIOSK), Girne Municipality new Service Building (KIOSK), and through online payments at Furthermore, the announcement also includes the emergency contact numbers that can be reached during the holiday as follows:

EMERGENCY NUMBERS DURING THE HOLIDAY In case of emergency situations, citizens can reach the following numbers:

0542 852 21 18 – 548 881 21 14 for the Department of Public Works & Planning,
0533 825 17 03 – 0533 841 38 39 for the Department of Cleaning Services,
0542 882 11 18 – 0542 882 21 18 – 0548 868 21 23 for the Department of Water Services,
0533 870 20 17 – 0533 846 20 17 for the Department of Sewerage Services,
0533 850 64 13 – 0533 840 52 20 for the Department of Funeral & Burial Services,
0533 826 25 47 – 0533 875 66 55 for the Department of City Security, and
0533 850 54 65 – 0533 870 20 14 for the Department of Health Services.

SACRIFICE WASTE  Girne Municipality also announced the rules that must be followed for the protection of public health and the environment during the Eid al-Adha period, as well as the services provided by the municipality. According to the announcement, it was emphasized that the sacrifice waste must be placed in large black garbage bags, tightly sealed, and delivered to Girne Municipality Solid Waste Transfer Station located in Karaoğlanoğlu Industrial Zone. It was also noted that individuals without transportation can contact Girne Municipality officials at the phone number 0533 850 54 61.

Girne Municipality warned against performing animal sacrifices in public areas, common areas, or areas visible to people. It was stated that the waste should not be poured into water or sewerage channels, should not be thrown into garbage containers, and should not be left in open areas. At the end of the announcement, it was emphasized that legal action would be taken against those who do not comply with the warnings and everyone was invited to be sensitive for the sake of public health.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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