December 6, 2023

Sevda Orr, Asım Vehbi and Erbil Arkın

Starting in the year 2020, ARUCAD began offering education in Master’s programs in the fields of Art and Architectural Design, and in the 2022-2023 Academic Year, it produced its first graduates. Erbil Arkın and Sevda Orr, graduates of the Fine Arts Master’s program of ARUCAD, opened their graduation exhibition at ARUCAD Art Space in Nicosia on June 22nd.  The exhibition features original works by these two Master’s students at ARUCAD  selected by the academic jury.

Erbil Arkın, Founder of ARUCAD and graduate of the Fine Arts Master’s Program, stated,  “After completing my undergraduate degree in the Industrial Design Department of De Montfort University 50 years ago, I have also completed my Master’s degree in the field of art. It was always on my to-do list. Back then, I didn’t have the time or budget to pursue a Master’s degree after graduating from De Montfort University, so I immediately entered the business world. Now I am happy to have this opportunity because I have always wanted to pursue art in my life. As the founder of the University, I also wanted to see the internal functioning of the University along with pursuing a Master’s degree. At the end of this long and exciting process, this exhibition emerged with my graduation project titled ‘Asil Köylü’ and my other works. I am one of the first Master’s graduates of the University. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I wish you all a good viewing. I took great pleasure in creating these works.”

Sevda Orr, a graduate of the Fine Arts Master’s program, made the following statements about the exhibition: “Being one of the first graduates of ARUCAD’s Master’s program is quite exciting. The aim of my work is to create a series of temporary installations specific to the field by using different forms in response to the diversity of natural environments. The work explores the applicability of clay, glass, and copper wire. It was created using traditional materials and experimental techniques. My aim is to create compositions that maximize the complementary relationships between man-made objects and natural environments. At the same time, I wanted to draw attention to the beauty and details of nature through art.”

Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, Rector of ARUCAD, said, “As the first graduates of the Fine Arts Master’s program, they have made their mark with impactful projects.” Emphasizing that it was a special and proud day for ARUCAD, Rector Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi stated the following: “This year, we are producing the first graduates of the Master’s programs for which we received the approvals from the Ministry of Education and YODAK three years ago. 

We see the effort our Fine Arts Master’s graduate, Mr. Erbil Arkın, put into creating these works through this exhibition despite being a busy businessman, . Ms. Sevda has also produced valuable works that emphasize the art within nature. I congratulate both of our graduates. They have made their mark with projects that will make an impact as the first graduates of the Fine Arts Master’s Program.”

The exhibition of ARUCAD’s Master’s graduates, which opened on the evening of Thursday, June 22nd, at ARUCAD Art Space in Nicosia with a high turnout, can be visited until August 22nd.

Source (Turkish):  Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD)

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