June 8, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

For over 10 years we have been operating the CyprusScene website which publishes news and reviews sent to us and is shared on many social media pages plus some are copied into our regular online CyprusScene e-newspaper and podcasts channels.

Now to achieve this it’s important to have very good internet service and on occasions when the was a disaster looming we found Multimax was very quick to respond to help get us back online and publishing so reading the following email from Multimax, we feel that they are trying very hard to give the best service possible to their customers.  

Multimax news sent to customers on 25th May 2023.

“We are about to finalize the series of upgrades to our network that we have started in beginning of May. This has been the single biggest work that we had to carry out and there has been some expected but also a lot of unexpected issues. As of today, we believe we have finally ironed out all upgrade related issues and things should only improve from now on. I would like to thank everyone for their patience, it has been a tiring, difficult, and a bumpy ride for all of us, but we have done it all just so we can stay one step ahead and provide you a better service. As a start, we have credited and extended all accounts for 1 week for the troubles we have caused. We have more in mind for existing customers which we will announce soon… Now, lets talk about some immediate changes:

As of a few days ago, we have officially moved to 24h call support service. You can now call 0548 888 6629 support line 24 hours and speak to an L1 Customer Support Representative.

Our Whatapp support line 0548 844 0244 is now active again, please note it is not 24h though.

We have introduced a Multimax – I Want To Speak To Your Manager! line, where we will all work together in order to improve systems and find solutions to your problems where the regular support line is inadequate, I will be there most of the time…


Every customer will very soon be assigned their own customer support representative and their own technician. You will have their numbers and WhatsApp details to contact them directly in addition to regular customer support. They will know you, and you will know and we hope this will help solving any problems much faster and more efficiently.

New SLA(Service Level Agreement) system is being implemented, this way you will know what to expect from us or be entitled to compensation if guarantees are not met! More details on this will be available very soon.

Starting June 1, 20% of all our income will go directly to nature and wildlife conservation projects! We will announce and share all details with our customers.

There are a lot more changes and upgrades in the pipeline, thank you for your continued support!

Multimax Team”

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