December 9, 2023

KKSD /ACPA Workshop with ECO Age 60+ at Girne University with various Techniques to make Jewellery from Paper

By Heidi Trautmann….

The Association of Cyprus Paper Artists was invited to hold a workshop for the ECOAGE Group 60 +years of the Girne University within the framework of their refresher courses.

What is ECOAGE, you may be asking. On the Certificate of Appreciation awarded to our Association for this workshop, you may read some more details about it. So far, I have learnt that it is based on an international idea and I shall report on it more closely when I have gathered more information.

ECOAGE 60 + is a group of 40 members all over 60 years of age and we found them sitting and waiting for us in a classroom, expecting to learn from us how to make jewellery from paper. The project was based on a suggestion by our artist Ismet Tatar offered to and discussed with the coordinator and leader of the group Emete Toros. Furthermore, Inci Kansu, and other members of ACPA have joined the event to assist with the running of the workshop… Mine Korudağ, Tülay Pirgalioğlu, Roya Alagheband and Heidi Trautmann.

Ismet Tatar and Inci Kansu opened the workshop and gave a short introduction into the history of our association and explained the procedure of the workshop. The jewellery they had brought with them as samples were put on show and material and instructions were distributed among the students.

For two hours the ACPA members were giving individual assistance to the group of students as you can see from the pictures. The various techniques are simple once you have understood the principle. It was an intense atmosphere in the room while the basic forms were cut from paper and put together.

Making jewellery from paper is only a small department of paper art, there is so much more to learn, especially the eco thought being respected by using waste paper to give it a new life in many different forms.

See the website go to for further information.

KKSD/ACPA is grateful to have again had the opportunity to spread the fascinating philosophy, knowledge and it’s techniques to a wider audience.…/pcb…/805128850728190

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