September 27, 2023

An Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms in ‘The House’ in Girne….

By Heidi Trautmann….

People…men or women…shapes…shapes without contents…. like dead leaves fallen from a tree… Figures from glass, transparent and obese….

…Then shadowlike forms in hard colours, red and yellow, the colours of immediate danger…STOP, it says…. What do they indicate? Violence, hate, racism?

Is the human being ugly, not to be trusted? Or is it the thought that we all go one day like a dead leaf fallen from the tree of life?

Death is always near to all living material. What remains when we have left the Tree of Life? Nothing but an empty shell and if we are lucky a memory with some friends, or one of our paintings that hangs on their wall, or a book one has published.

Hüseyin Özinal, born in Limassol in 1961: ‘The past is a cool country within me’, a statement he once made which could well describe part of Hüseyin’s feelings: frozen with his pain resting in his soul… a trauma? Yes, we are layer by layer the sum of our life experiences.

An exhibition to make us think about the transitoriness of life, and what kind of impressions we leave behind in the eyes of the viewers. The exhibition is open until 22 June 2023 daily during the opening times of ‘The House’.

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1 thought on “Nothing is going to hurt you…. says Hüseyin Özinal

  1. Staying within the bounds of Mother Nature is always comfortable.
    Without Human intervention every other Creations find much to satisfy them.
    Humans Hunger for more than they need, creates a problem for All.
    But without that hunger, we would not have the advances that we have achieved Already.
    So every Minas’s could be accompanied with a Plus.
    Good luck to all, as well as the ones who Try for the Better.

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