November 30, 2023

Here are the artists from KKSD Cyprus and KSD Turkey..

By Heidi Trautmann….

To celebrate eight years of successful work in this special field of art the paper art association KKSD Cyprus and KSD Turkey got together and planned a joint exhibition in both countries,

  1. On 11 – 19 April in Nicosia at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
  2. and at a later date in Ankara, dates will be announced.

The members of both associations were invited to hand in their work according to the rules of the invitation, paper art in any technique, 2 or 3-dimensional, and of any size. The artworks had to pass the assessment of the elected board of jury members which were:

Inci Kansu, Hakan Pehlivan, Ismet Tatar, Emel Samioğlu, Nur Gökbulut

The artists who were chosen to participate in the exhibitions are listed on the poster. They all were present at the opening evening at the Atatürk Cultural Centre. The artists from Turkey had arrived the evening before and they were very happy to meet their Cypriot artist friends. It is by far not their first collaboration, many of them I knew and have met on other art occasions. It was with great excitement that I went through the exhibition before the opening and could study with my full attention the different artworks, different techniques, and ideas.

Behind the philosophy of paper art is the thought of the history of paper as the carrier of time and culture, the idea of making paper from the daily paper we no longer use, from fibers from plants in nature…. but it is also as a statement against the environmental killer ‘plastic’…

Paper art has travelled around the world and has firmly settled in many fields, but apart from the aspect of art, the idea of using recycled paper to replace plastic has been accepted in many countries of the world.

The exhibition was opened by the two heads of the paper art associations KKSD Cyprus- Eser Kececi – and KSD Turkey – Hakan Pehlivan – and our President Ersin Tatar, who all three emphasized the importance of paper art for society and for our environment.

The exhibition is open for viewing until 19 April during governmental office hours until 16.00 hrs and there will be a paper artist available for questions. I advise that school classes visit the exhibition, it would be a great opportunity to learn a fascinating art form.

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