May 28, 2023

Within the scope of the Girne Antique Harbour renovation project, the second information and consultation meeting was held with the tradesmen of the region. Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul, Ministry of Tourism Project Coordinator Orhan Atasoy, Ministry of Tourism Administrative Officer and Lawyer Sertaç Özsoy, and antique harbour tradesmen and property owners attended the meeting. At the meeting, where mutual exchange of ideas took place on behalf of the harbour Regulation renewal/arrangement studies, consultations were held on what kind of ways to follow after the project completion date of 31st May 2023. During and after the project, a common language and a common goal were emphasized at the meeting.

Tradesmen and owners who took the floor at the meeting expressed the problems they experienced in the region and pointed out that the unity of opinion and action is important in order to avoid similar problems in the future. Tradesmen and landlords, who expressed the necessity of establishing a joint committee to include stakeholders such as the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Department of Antiquities, the General Directorate of Police, and the Environment Department, underlined that the main administrative and sanctioning authority should be at the local level, the Municipality of Girne. pointed out that Girne Municipality has the most effective sanction power on the subject, the tradesmen and owners of the region emphasized that the common goal is a permanent solution.

In his speech, Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul emphasized that the project, which is progressing under the management of the Ministry of Tourism, will yield very good results, and reiterated his belief that the project will be completed on the determined date, 31st May. Şenkul once again emphasized that the main issue is post-project management, and in this sense, the municipality should assume the role of legal supervisor and implementer.

Noting that a very successful project with very serious costs has been put in place, Şenkul underlined that his wish is for these efforts to be rewarded. Emphasizing that the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport are aware that they have legal authority in the region, Şenkul said that it would be the right step for Girne Municipality to have the authority to supervise and implement the autonomous structure to be established for the port management. He also said that a joint management committee will be established within the scope of this autonomous structure, Şenkul emphasized the importance of having the legal authority in Girne Municipality in the decisions to be taken after the committee.

In his speech, Ministry of Tourism Project Coordinator Orhan Atasoy pointed out that there was great support for the project and underlined that it was aimed to eliminate all problems with the cooperation of Girne Municipality. Expressing that they aim to prevent the bad experiences of the past from happening again with the necessary cooperation, Atasoy underlined that many losses and serious costs were incurred for the completion of the project, and that they had to work hard in this regard.

 Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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