April 2, 2023

Code Red – 14th North Cyprus Ceramists Association Member Exhibition from 06-16 December 2022 at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann….

The new chairwoman of the association, Bedia Kale, and Semral Öztan, who held the seat before her, welcomed the great community of ceramists and art lovers at the legendary Ismet Güney Art Centre. I love the place, with so many good memories I have in connection with it and also in my big archive of art events over nearly two decades.

Yes, it is the 14th member exhibition and on the evening of the opening, that was yesterday 6th December 2022, I met with so many old artist friends who have been with the association from the very beginning. Also, our President, Ersin Tatar and the Director of the Cultural Department have been with us to be informed on the works of the artists.

Here I have placed  a link to my review on the 6th member exhibition, that was in 2013 with some information on the beginning and interviews with the founders and first chairpersons. I was happy to see them yesterday. I also include the link to the association’s Facebook site where you will find the introduction to the catalogue, you may read it automatically translated.



‘Code Red’ is meant as a warning signal for the road society when travelling. Where are we and where are we heading. The artists have taken up the challenge and have given their answers with reference to political, environmental, and social matters. We should do this more often. Titles such as ‘Breath under Threat’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Seismic Waves’, ‘The Red Cry’, ‘Women-Life- Freedom’ and others, I found with the artworks.

Attached to this public appearance of the association is a 3-day workshop incl. exhibition at the KAÜ in Nicosia, Social Centre, the announcement you’ll find under the above Facebook link.

The exhibition is open for visiting during governmental office hours.

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