December 10, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

There is no better way to spend a cool Sunday morning in Cyprus than to join the crowd at ‘The Soulist’ for the ‘Jazz Breakfast’ which has become famous over the last few years.

Let us be honest, why do we love going there…. It makes us feel young again… with music from our young years and Ersen Sururi and Miray Çakır, the ‘Lady M. Jazz Duo’ know it.

They watch us, the elderly generation going with the rhythm over the breakfast so nicely prepared by the Soulist Team. Both musicians are well known across the island playing in different arrangements, Miray Çakır is a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, also part of the Miray Trio, she told me, classic music is my life, but Jazz is my love…. Ersen Sururi, I heard him with the Gypsy Jazz Quartet, or as a background pianist at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre.

Jazz Breakfast is quite a common habit in Louisiana where the Jazz comes from and where it is an important part of life; my husband and I have often taken part in one of those Sunday mornings when couples as old as 90 get up and dance.

During the winter months, they promised, The Soulist would arrange again Jazz Breakfast events on Sundays once a month. Here the link to their Facebook page click here.

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