September 26, 2023

The award ceremony of the short story competition themed “Me, Us and Nature”, organized by the Municipality of Girne this year, was held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at the Girne Municipality Art Gallery.  At the award ceremony, at which were present the families and teachers of the children and young people participating in the competition, certificates were given to the competitors and awards were given to the winners.

A plaque was presented to the Mayor of Girne, Güngördü and Ceyhan Özyıldız (Story Book Writer, Photographer), Emrah Öztürk (Story Book Writer, Academician), Orhan Eskiköy, Misli Kadıoğlu (Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor), who constituted the Evaluation Committee. 

Story writers Ceyhan Özyıldız, Orhan Eskiköy and Emrah Öztürk gave brief speeches on their writing journeys, emphasizing the importance of reading and writing. The importance of such competitions organized by Girne Municipality every year in encouraging children and young people and raising future thinkers and writers was also stressed.  As a result of the success of story competition, it was announced that it was planned to organize a story writing workshop in co-operation with the schools in the next term. 

Mayor Güngördü said:

“It is very important for young people and children of primary, secondary and high school age to read books, and it is very important that they question while reading a book. During this questioning, a child’s urge to write emerges. As the municipality, we are aware of this, so we aim to encourage our children with such competitions.  Three of our valued teachers judged the stories of our children. In fact, it was very important for us to encourage their participation. I think of it as a decoration for taking part. I sincerely congratulate all the children who participated in this Story Contest. Of course, it is very important just to take part and I think that the person who takes part always tries to do his or her best. I would like to thank especially the children and the families who encouraged them, the municipality staff and teachers who worked with devotion, and I am proud as the municipality to organize such a competition for the 5th time. 


The competition, which is held every year in three categories: (9-10-11 age group), (12-13-14 age group), (15-16-17 age group), open to the participation of all children living and studying within the borders of the country. Based on the scoring made by the committee, the winners received their prizes of 1,250 TL, the second prizes of 1,000 TL, and the third prizes of 750 TL, while all participants were given books.

First Category
Winner: Azra Aygün- “The Joy of Our House”-Şht Hasan Cafer Primary School
Runner up: If I’m First – “The Gift of Work” -Şht Hasan Cafer Primary School First
Third place: Sahra Mazlum- “Diary of the Sahara”- Şht Hasan Cafer Primary School.

Second Category Winner:
Beren Düzgen-“Peach Tree and Us”- Doğa Koleji
Runner up: Beril Savaşçı- “Nature’s Silent Cry”- Doğa Koleji
Third place: Selin Polatlı- “My Nature”- Oğuz Veli Secondary School Simay Gümüşay- “The World is Our Home”-English School of Kyrenia

Third Category Winner:
Sudel Ulubey- “Let’s Mix Red Butterfly”-19 May TMK
Runner up: Ecem Başaraner- 17 March: Birth and Death Date of a Little Girl”- 19 May TMK

Source: (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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