February 6, 2023

By Hughjarrs…..

Do you find St Tropez “de trop”? Are the beaches of the Caribbean stuffed with common package holiday millionaires? So, where is the newest cool place to holiday and hide your billions or trillions? How about somewhere new which offers unique nightlife?

Even the most energetic partygoer will drop down exhausted in this place before dawn because a good night out lasts 4,400 hours. For daytime adventures, you can ski for as long as you like, trek up volcanoes abseil into bottomless chasms, hunt polar bears, go with the ice floe for as long as you can stay awake, and go deep sea fishing for the largest fish in the world. In fact, they are whales not fish and they cannot be legally hunted but those are just details. You can do every one of these exciting things on the same day because it, too, is 4,400 hours long.

To cap it all, this Utopia offers easy citizenship for less than €1,000 and you will be granted a special tax status of only ever paying 5% tax. Welcome to the Antarctic Theocratic Sovereign State of St George.

Our readers being the most erudite persons will have immediately smelled a dead penguin. There are no polar bears in the Antarctic. In fact, there is no Antarctic Theocratic Sovereign State of St George it being a figment of the imagination of some clever fraudsters in Italy (and Malta). Their story was convincing enough to have parted some 700 new citizens of this Antarctic state of hundreds of thousands of euros. Maybe it is not all that cool in trying to be the coolest of the cool.

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