May 28, 2023

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the news of the poisoning of stray animals in the Girne region in the past days.

Mayor Güngördü stated that he regretfully came across the news that stray animals were poisoned by unknown people from time to time in various regions throughout our country, and that, as Girne Municipality, the protection and rehabilitation of stray animals trying to survive on the streets has been going on for many years; He stated that all adverse conditions that unprotected stray animals are exposed to, including such poisonings, should be completely eliminated.

Güngördü emphasized that “with the belief that all life is sacred in the century we live in and that the right to live is the most fundamental fact, we continue to come to the aid of those in need in our Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center, which we opened in 2017 as Girne Municipality.”

Mayor Güngördü concluded his statement as follows:

‘ Stray animals are legally the responsibility of the relevant regional municipalities and must be managed with all social effort. To make the official registration and license of the dogs in your care at home, to provide the basic needs of the pets until the end of their lives and to help our homeless friends on the street; At least not to do harm is the conscientious responsibility of every individual. At this point, I state that as Girne Municipality, we will stand against all kinds of acts of violence and cruelty towards animals, as we have done in the past.’

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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