May 28, 2023


By Heidi Trautmann…..…..

We had the honour to be guests at the World Première of ALI HOCA’s String Trio Op.75 “Myrrha”. Ali Hoca, Cypriot composer, whom we know so well as director of the many concerts in North Cyprus, has dedicated this piece to the MYRRHA TRIO, three musicians who also make part of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Miray Çakır (Violin), Sinem Sadrazam (Viola), Püren Eda Gözer (Cello).

The piece tells the mythological story of Myrrha, also known as Smyrna, the daughter of King Cinyras of Cyprus. I have attached a copy of the legend details in six opus movements, with the titles:

  1. Myrrha
  2. Cinyras
  3. Cinyras deceived
  4. Myrrha’s Escape and Cynara’s Pursuit of her
  5. Myrrha asks the Gods to protect her and they turn her into a Myrrh tree
  6. Birth of Adonis – Finale

The concert hall in Bellapais was packed full. In one of the rows next to ours I observed the composer listening to his music with closed eyes, totally concentrated and lost to the world.

He later came up to the stage to join the musicians. What a special and touching moment.

The MYRRHA TRIO played the six movements with great commitment and passion and the audience received it with great emotion. This piece of music will stay with them, what an honour.

The second part was Antonin Dvorak’s Piano Quartet Op. 87, when the pianist Yuliya Starastsenkava joined the Trio for four movements – Allegro con fuoco – Lento – Allegro moderatio – Finale.Allegro, ma non troppo. It was well chosen after the Myrrha piece.

One of the Highlights of the Festival, full of passion and emotions. Thank you, Halil Kalgay for your precious work.


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