May 28, 2023

Readers mail….
From Richard Chamberlain….

68 years ago, in 1954, I was posted to Cyprus with the Royal Signals Regiment.

At that time it was the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday. I was lucky enough to be given the day off because I was not good enough to march in the Parade. So I took my film camera to Famagusta and photographed the whole occasion.

It was a marvellous day out for the Cypriots who were all given the day off work. My photos show the Royal Signals Regiment marching along with the Cypriot Police, the 21 gun salute and the crowds of Cypriots enjoying the spectacle.

I believe it was the last time the celebrations could take place in the public arena because of the outbreak of the EOKA terrorist campaign on April 1st 1955.

I wonder how many Troops and civilians are alive to remember the day. If there are any, we would be pleased to hear from them by emailing

God Save the Queen!

1 thought on “Happy Birthday and God Save the Queen

  1. Thanks Chris, as usual you made a good job of that! Best wishes to you and Margaret 🙏

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