December 9, 2022

Readers Mail…
From St Andrews Church, Kyrenia….

On Saturday 9th April 2022 St. Andrew’s received a distinguished visitor to the church, although at the time just how honoured we were was unknown!

Our Director of Music Earl Moffitt, Fr Michael and Janet were in the church undertaking some tasks in preparation for the following day – Palm Sunday. A visitor arrived to view the church and we engaged in conversation to discover that this was Herr Witold Dulski from Braunschweig.

Herr Dulski told us he was involved in music in his own church and so he was invited to play our wonderful Johannus organ by Earl. We were treated to an all too brief recital but it was obvious that we were in the presence of an extremely talented musician.

Photos were taken and we exchanged Auf Wiedersehens with Herr Dulski.

Subsequently Fr Michael has found from the internet that our distinguished visitor is, in fact, a member of staff at the renowned music school in Braunschweig Cathedral – The Braunschweig Domsingschule

From that website (via Google translate):

“The Braunschweig Domsingschule is the largest institution for Protestant church music in Germany and is sponsored by the Ev.-luth. St. Blasii Cathedral in Braunschweig. For more than 40 years, more than 600 people, mainly children and young people, have been meeting to sing and play music every week. Beginning with five-year-old children, classical singing training begins, the pedagogical secret of which lies in the close connection between developmental psychology and musical content. Music is understood holistically, personality development and the teaching of traditional Christian values ​​go hand in hand. Parents particularly appreciate that the Domsingschule offers a reliable home and that the children grow into a community that lasts far beyond the time in the choir.

“Cantor Witold Dulski and Cantor Elke Lindemann succeed in passing on their own enthusiasm for classical sacred music to children and young people, whose personal environment often no longer has any connection to this content. The employees are proud that the cathedral singing school is able to introduce people of all ages to the Christian tradition and classical music or to deepen existing experiences.”

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