December 9, 2022

By Margaret Sheard ….

Having recently been hospitalised with replacement hip surgery, I was pleased to have some stories on my Kindle to relieve the boredom of being bed bound.

I was made aware of a new book by N K Chavush entitled The Mexican Girl but unfortunately for some reason I was not able to download this to my Kindle which was very disappointing as I had thoroughly enjoyed reading Playing in Paradise by the same author, which had the setting of North Cyprus.   

Namik took the time and trouble to visit me in hospital and presented me with a signed copy of his previous book and said he was concerned that I could not download his current book.   We had a long chat about his life in the UK and my life in North Cyprus.  What a very nice caring man.

When I returned home I was able to download The Mexican Girl to my Kindle through my computer so at last I was able to read it.  A fascinating story, full of intrigue and mystery, set in Canterbury in the UK, and I was almost at the end before I had thoughts of who the responsible person was.   This was a superb read with many twists and turns and it kept me absorbed for long periods of time.  A very different story from Playing in Paradise but equally as good a book and very worth reading.

I look forward to Namik’s next book which I believe will also be set in North Cyprus.


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