May 28, 2023

Readers mail ….
From Susie L Ford …..

Hello readers,

It was another great night for Sumarts Karaoke at  Seabreeze Restaurant in Kucuk Erenkoy on 13th April 2022 with many singers taking their seats in anticipation.

The atmosphere was great and you could feel the excitement of those who wanted to sing and they did,  giving it their all and the singing was excellent and we rounded off the evening with lovely plates of fish and chips which had the lips smacking.

Everyone is welcome to join us every Wednesday evening but please book with Claire to ensure your tables and also pre book your fish and chips because they are in great demand.

Thank  you all again for joining Martin and I for a great evening of Karaoke singing and also thank you to Claire and Mehmet for hosting us and looking after us so brilliantly 

Keep singing, keep well and see you next week.

Susie  Q Xxxx

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