June 5, 2023

President Ersin Tatar commended the contribution of the expat community in the TRNC when he received committee members of the British Residents Society (BRS).

The meeting, held at the Presidency, was attended by BRS Chairman Peter Wilkins, Honorary Chairman Stephen Day, Deputy Chairman Mike Diplock, Health and Welfare Officer Julian Mawdesley and Advocate and Legal Advisor Erdem Erginel from the Presidency.

President Tatar said: “The BRS is one of the most important organisations of our expat community and I commend your work of many years as expats in helping to make our country better from health to charity work.  The unjust isolation imposed on Turkish Cypriot people has impacted all of us, from being able to trade with the rest of the world to travelling directly to and from our airport. We see this as a human right issue, and a failure to honour the promises to end the isolation on our country.

I appreciate your sensitivities regarding the problems in the TRNC and look forward to continuing our dialogue, following the election of the new committee.”

Mr. Wilkins said they are visiting the President prior to the BRS AGM to be held on April 23, where he will not be standing for re-election and the new candidate will be Mr. Mawdesley.

“We were able to exchange ideas on issues such as Permission to Purchase immovable property, care homes for elderly people and the BRS’s view on the need to have better regulations following the İskele elderly home incident, residency issues and how some people are becoming overstayers due to the slowness in the procedures to obtain residency permits. The President expressed full support to us, and we thank him for his support over many years. He is a true friend of the expat community,” Mr. Wilkins said.

Source: Presidency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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