June 5, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Usually, I do not watch films a lot, but from time to time I do and it was just by luck that I found an interesting film last week. With the title “The Climb” this film is based on a novel written by Nadir Dendoune and the film is indeed fantastic, but of course, has got some weak points too.

In short, this film is like a very simple one sided love affair between Samy Diakhate and his love Nadia.  Unemployed Samy, of Senegalese origin, is living in a suburb of Paris and has been in love with Nadia,  since their middle school days. Nadia in turn works in a supermarket. Keeping in mind that Samy is jobless, Nadia resists all his efforts to win her heart. One day, by way of impressing her, Samy told her that he would even climb Mount Everest, to impress her. Nadia in turn took this as a joke.

But Samy did take all this very seriously and went out to conquer Mount Everest, without any experience of mountaineering or even physical training.

The way Samy overcomes all hurdles in his way and achieves his goals has been wonderfully filmed.

However, I personally found the whole story moving. and there were no serious setbacks, nor any serious falls. The way he was included in the team to climb, without serious challenges, could have been made better by adding some tough ordeals.

But apart from that I personally liked the film very much. The reason for that is that it appealed to my love for adventure. In my mind, I started planning to go on an Everest expedition. But that was not just due to the film only because as I Googled a bit more about the film, I found out that the novel and the film in fact are somewhat fascinated versions of the Mount Everest expedition of the writer himself.

The Climb.. picture courtesy of Netflix

Nadir Dendoune, the author of the novel, had in fact reached the summit way back in 2008. He was the first French-Algerian person to climb Everest. The most important point in this feat of his is that he did not have mountaineering experience. He came from a rather poor immigrant Algerian family, struggling to settle into French society, and Nadir had learned at an early age that he would have to do something big, something different, to be recognised and accepted by French society. Being a journalist by profession, the whole of his life is filled with such activities, which proved his theory. Climbing Everest in 2008 too was one such action, and he did succeed in attracting the international media, to listen to him.

Honestly speaking this is what I had always tried to do. I always wanted to do something which is far from general practices. Indeed it is not easy, but I do try to do something different and I wish I could have done something like climbing Mount Everest.

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