June 9, 2023

The seminar on energy efficiency and sustainable energy was hosted by Levent College. The guest of the seminar is Cyprus International University Vice-Rector / KTMMOB Energy Coordinator / TRNC-TC Joint Energy Working Group Member Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoglu. The audience was Levent College students, representing the young people who will shape our future.

Abbasoğlu started his speech by explaining what energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy are. He talked about what has been done and what needs to be done in this regard today, where energy resources are increasingly depleted. He pointed out that energy efficiency is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly energy source.

Sharing energy efficiency practices by exemplifying the studies at Cyprus International University, Dr. Abbasoğlu emphasized what our responsibilities as a country are in terms of sustainable energy management, how much we can fulfill, and that we should focus on energy immediately, make new political developments and exchange ideas for good practices.

One of the important topics underlined at the conference was that Cyprus has great potential in terms of developing and increasing renewable energy sources such as solar energy. Abbasoğlu pointed out that Levent Schools have taken steps that will set an example for the island and is a pioneer in creating green education areas.

Talking about the sustainable living studies carried out at the university, Dr. Abbasoğlu emphasized that as a result of these studies, the CIU campus, which is the best campus on the island according to the UI Green Metrics ranking, reflects the vision of the Levent Group on this issue.

The seminar where electric vehicles used in Formula E races were also discussed, ended after Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu answered the questions of students and teachers.

Source (Turkish): Levent College

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