June 4, 2023

Four Books in One Year!

After the International Cartoon Competition Album, International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Professions and Faces, which were published in 2021, Girne Municipality continues to be a pioneer with a recently published theater playbook and also with its book publications.

In this context, the Girne Municipality included the first five theater plays, which won awards in the Musical and Musical Playwriting Competition held in 2021, in 1 book.

The book consists of the award-winning plays Burhan Göze’s Pygmalion A Democracy Musical, Feyzan Korur’s 4 Brides 4 Wedding Dresses, Eşref Karadağ’s Love Finger Mountain, Özlem Elmalıoğlu’s Adam’s Love and Birgül Yeşiloğlu Güleri’s Flower of Life. .

Mayor Nidai Güngördü, who spoke at the book promotion event held at the Girne Municipality New Service Building, said: “Theater is the most effective and strongest art branch that includes many art disciplines.

Culture – Art is the most important building block of a country. Art, which comes to life with production, develops and universalizes people’s sense of belonging to the geography and country they live in.

As Girne Municipality, we have achieved many firsts in terms of art for about 7 years. We are continuing our work without interruption in order to add value to the cultural and artistic life of our city and our country.

In this context, we have provided the opportunity for very important theater plays to be staged in Girne and met with the audiences, especially under the title of ‘Theater Days’.

The Girne Municipality Theater Studio (Gibetsu), which continues its activities within the Municipality of Girne, makes important contributions to the development of theater with the plays it puts on the stage both in the country and abroad. adds great value to social life.

In 2019, we launched the “Children’s Theater Festival”, a first in the country, with the aim of instilling the love of theater in children and young people at a young age.

With the Stone Sculpture Symposium and Caricature Competition, which we organized at an international level, we brought cultures together with art, with the unifying and unhindered effect of art.

In addition to all this, I am proud that we can represent Girne as a city of tourism, education, and ‘the city of art’,” he said.

Güngördü continued his words as follows; “At a time when theaters are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, and our municipality; What can we do in this difficult time for art and artists? How can we ensure the continuity of production? We thought, and in this sense, ‘1. We decided to organize the Musical and Musical Playwriting Contest.

To contribute to the development of the Turkish Cypriot Theater at the same time with the 1st Musical and Musical Playwriting Competition, to allow original theater works and new plays to be played on the stages of our country and other countries, based on the stories, epics, mythology, texts and narratives about Cyprus. We wanted to enable.

Many authors from our country and Turkey submitted works to the competition. Our jury members evaluated the works meticulously and found the five theater plays in this book worthy of awards.

As I always say, the theater is a very important art. Because theater is the most effective and strongest art branch that includes many art disciplines.

I wish to be a light for our country’s theater, libraries, directors, actors and audience, I would like to thank our jury members for their great contributions to the realization of the competition, and congratulate all the winners of the competition once again.

Concluding my words with the dictum of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “The Ladder of Civilization is Art”, I say YES to Art and embrace everyone with love in days of peace and hope.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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