June 4, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

As the period of our living with Covid-19 continues, people have seriously started thinking of accepting it as part of their lives. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, some people had mentioned that it would not be possible to eradicate the virus completely. But most of us had thought that the vaccines, once found, would be able to wipe out the virus.

Covid-19 has repeatedly struck back with new mutants. The latest one is Omicron, which is fast spreading the world over. It seems as if Omicron has caught most of the world unguarded. A large number of people the world over were vaccinated this year. A general consensus among the public was that the vaccination is going to outwit the virus, and the next year would be a Covid-19 free year.

But unfortunately, Omicron, made us realise that perhaps we had misunderstood the strength of the virus. The way Omicron is making its impact, people have started thinking that there is a probability that all progress so far made by the Scientists, by preparing the vaccines, would be of no value.

The vaccination, however, has played a very important role, in the fight against the Covid- 19 virus. But that is not sufficient. In fact, vaccines and other precautions have improved the immune systems of people. This has on one side made us stronger against the virus, but on the other side, it has forced the virus to change itself. That’s why new mutations are surfacing one after another.

Not only just that.  It is being said that as the virus is constantly on the offensive, the vaccination process would have to continue for longer periods. The periodic vaccinations, one after another, with due intervals, are going to play an important role in keeping us stronger. Right now people have started getting their fourth vaccine, and nobody knows if we would be required to go for a fifth and/or sixth dose of the vaccine next year.

In fact, scientists have started saying in calculated words, that it is not possible to banish the Covid-19 virus completely. It is now going to stay, so we have to adjust our way of living accordingly.

Thus for certain, whereas the scientists are busy finding more powerful vaccines, we are all bound to keep ourselves healthy enough to face the new mutants. Of course, vaccines are there, but that is not all. We all have to start living a healthy life. For sure the medicines are not sufficient to keep us fit and healthy. Our way of living and habits play an important role in keeping us healthy.

Of course, there are no two views that we all must give special care to hygiene. In fact, it’s something good, since keeping ourselves forced to remain clean all the time, makes our lives better. Washing our hands and faces more than once a day, obviously keeps us not just cleaner but also stronger against the virus.

The winter has started and an increase in the number of positive cases is expected. But for sure, this winter will not be as bad as the last one. But for sure it will not be as good as it was in 2019 or 2018 or earlier. However, with mutual support and help, we can all create an atmosphere to reduce the effectiveness of the Covid-19 virus over our lives.


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