May 28, 2023

By Chris Elliott… 

I have had the good fortune to be able to visit Maraş/Varosha with photographer and author, Richard Chamberlain and we have published a number of articles about this fascinating place with many pictures of his photographs taken in the 1950s when he was a young British soldier serving in that area.

In social media news, we noted the following news which indicates that Maraş  is fast becoming a top tourist attraction in the TRNC.

Two thousand people visited closed Maraş in one day!

Last weekend Sunday, October 4 in closed Maraş in Gazimağusa, the  number of visitors reached a record of 2,000  for that day.

There is great mobility in the area where Gazimağusa Municipality serves Maraş visitors with both environmental regulation works tourist bus and bike rentals and buffet services.

As well as buffet and bike rental services to those visiting the area, they also provide the opportunity to sail and sunbathe on 2 different beaches and benefit from the sea.

It was also noteworthy that most of the 2,000  visitors registered last Sunday were foreign tourists.

Photos courtesy of Gazimağusa Municipality

Source: Gazimağusa Municipality

The 8th October  marks the one year anniversary of the re-opening of Maraş

Over the last year, 230,000 people have visited the ghost town whilst 3.5% of the town has been converted from a military zone to a civilian zone following the initiation of a second phase in July 2021

The first section to open up was a few main streets and an 800m beach front. What is next for Varosha/Maraş?

Poster courtesy of Young Turkish Cypriots

Source: young.turkish.cypriots is in Maras, Famagusta, Cyprus

President Ersin Tatar

As of today 9th October 2021, the total number of visitors entering and exiting Maraş has reached 250.000 and Simge Sünmez, was given a prize for being the 250.000th person.

Source: President Ersin Tatar

8 thoughts on “Maraş is fast becoming a top tourist attraction in the TRNC

  1. FREEDOM INDEPENDENCE and FREEWİLL can All be mentioned in the Same BREATH!

    1. Thank you George as you say, FREEDOM INDEPENDENCE and FREEWİLL are all being exercised in Maras by the TRMNC

  2. Mr President,
    This is MAGNIFICENT NEWS but it is only possible to achieve *OUR DREAMS* in a Atmosphere of *FREEDOM* We All need Room to Stretch Our WINGS and GROW Emotionally Mentally and especially SPIRITUALLY as well. In this *ENVIRONMENT* We WILL All.*THRIVE MAGNIFICENTLY*.

  3. Hi Chris, have you seen the latest edition of Cyprus Today issue no:1772 inside on page17 there is a “Must Read ARTICLE” by STEPHEN DAY Entitled *CONVINCING the Brits*
    In this well written article he describes his own ideas how to get the British to Recognise North Cyprus!
    A Fascinating Read !!!
    Maybe the President should be informed about it?
    The people here have SUFFERED LONG ENOUGH! I do sincerely hope that things will CHANGE and DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE for the better for all the TURKISH CYPRIOT PEOPLE’S as a result of the information contained in this article!

    Yours sincerely,

    George Konevod

      1. Thank you Chris!
        I would like to ask a favour!?
        I need to travel back to the UK very soon on a matter UrgencyI have tried calling the British Embassy or Consultant in Nicosia using different telephone numbers no Luck
        I have had 2Shots of Astra Zeneca the last one was on July 26th.
        What is the Criteria needed in otherwords what do I have to do and in what order?
        If you like just give me the Tel No: …

        Yours sincerely,

        George Konevod

      2. Hello George,

        My preference for information would be the British Residents Society but if you are not a member you cannot access their archived information…You could always do a search on CyprusScene for the latest BRS articles.

        Another source of information may be found on the

  4. Looking forward to returning to Maras on my next visit.In July 1974 I was forced to try and survive in the car park under my building for three days due to the EOKA/greek cypriot attempted coup and the associated curfew imposed on me by non other than the greek cypriots ! So called greek cypriot soldiers were drunk,one so drunk that he was unable to climb into their open-topped jeep & after three attempts,finally falling flat on his back on the street. I had also seen them demanding to be given bottles of beer from the owner of the beach bar without any payment (a fact the owner actually had already told me was happening,before I,along with my friends witnessed for ourselves).
    So it is great to hear Maras is once again open.Yes,TRUTH,FREEDOM,INDEPENDENCE and GOODWILL will PREVAIL.

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