May 31, 2023

Debbie Bird gave Anglo Turkish Association Members and Guests something different for their monthly social gathering meal held at Doğuş Adres restaurant in Karaolganoglu on a pleasant September lunchtime. Not one mezze, not two mezzes, three or four, but twenty-three different hot and cold mezzes were served over the course of the meal.

Debbie Bird

Debbie said ‘Normally when you have a meal in a restaurant you are served six to eight mezzes before the main course, by the time the main course comes you are full from eating just the mezzes. So today we had no main course but a very large fabulous selection of mezzes so that everyone could experience mezzes different to the norm’.

Her plan was certainly a success judging by the satisfied faces of those dining. ATA member Sandra Whyte summoned up everyone’s thoughts when she said ’What a wonderful meal, beautiful relaxed setting and meeting old and new friends – just what the ATA is about’.

Whilst Chairman Philip Lloyd said ‘Today’s meal has shown the diversity of the ATA by organising something as ordinary as an everyday meal and then through intuition making it in to something differently special. A true social gathering where those present could combine dining and conversation in a relaxing atmosphere without the restrictions of eating a traditional three course meal’.

At the end of the meal a smiling Debbie Bird said ‘I’m pleased that my fellow ATA members and guests have enjoyed themselves and liked my idea of having a meal of only mezzes. l’m overwhelmed by the number of nice comments I’ve received’.

ATA Social Gathering meals are always held on the 28th of the month and organised by an ATA member, as with all ATA activities they are also open to non-members.

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Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus

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