Readers Mail

Susie’s Quiz results 23rd September at the Balti House, Esentepe

Readers mail….
Susie L Ford…Quiz master….

On Thursday 23rd September, it was a great night for Susie’s Quiz at the Balti House in Esentepe!

The rounds of our quiz were: a Table Top, Music, Easy 5, Multiple Choice, Brainiacs, Danger Zone, and the Impossible Question!

Big congratulations go to:

  • 1st     Tyke That
  • 2ND  The Shebells
  • 3RD   Swedish  4Play
  • 4TH   Dunne and Dusted
  • The Famous Lemon went to the No Know Any Answers !

As always thank you all for joining us and a big thank you to the Balti house for hosting us.

Keep Safe and see you next week!

Susie xxxx


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