February 7, 2023

During the official controls carried out by the Municipality of Girne, the opening of schools, the cafeterias, kitchens and canteens of all schools, as well as social spaces such as the cafeteria, where the student population is served, were also under the spotlight.

Between 19 August and 19 September 2021, a total of 171 businesses were inspected for food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic Measures, and a barber without an operating permit and a delicatessen, where deficiencies were detected in terms of general food safety, were stopped and sealed.

Girne Municipality continues to inspect the Covid-19 pandemic measures as well as the routine hygiene controls of the food-related businesses operating in the city. With the opening of the schools, the school cafeterias where the students receive service and the social places they prefer outside the school are heavily inspected.


Falcon Barbershop which was found to have no operating permit during the controls, and the delicatessen department serving under Tazecik Gıda were stopped due to the sale of unsealed and non-food safety conditions; Various meat and products offered for sale here were confiscated for destruction. Both workplaces, which have overcome their technical deficiencies, were allowed to operate in the following days.

Within the scope of the controls where non-compliances were penalised, 62 workplaces were reported for their shortcomings, 10 businesses were warned to close if they did not rectify their deficiencies, and a total of 792 TL was fined at one workplace on the grounds that it created a food safety and environmental health risk. 207.02 kg of miscellaneous meat products and 47 crates of miscellaneous fruit and vegetable products, the consumption of which were not suitable for human health, were also confiscated for destruction.

In addition, it was stated that the controls for the sales in the Girne Municipality Open Market, which is established every Wednesday, are continuing within the framework of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures.

The Girne Municipality Health Branch Supervisor said:  “Food safety practices do not have seasons. Since it is a phenomenon that must be provided uninterruptedly, it is our duty to confirm in the workplaces that this is provided correctly in the hygiene controls carried out as the official inspection team. The official controls of Girne Municipality are carried out with an independent and completely scientific will. The responsibility of the food-related products and services offered by our workplaces is again the operator’s responsibility. Considering that our children, especially in the field of food hygiene, are in a sensitive area, we do not compromise on our control criteria regarding the cafeteria hygiene of both our private and public schools.”

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü:  “While our international city of Girne is getting ready to welcome our students coming from abroad we, as the Municipality, have tightened our inspections in order to protect their health. As Girne Municipality, we will continue to work to ensure the health of our students, tourists and visitors to our city, as well as all our people who receive service from this city. As the school year starts, it reminds once again the importance of being vaccinated against the Pandemic, and underlines that we need to adopt and apply the mask, social distance and hygiene rules for the smooth continuation of the education field. I hope the new school year will be beneficial to all of our education community and our students.”    

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality   


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