May 28, 2023

Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD) Ceramics Department lecturer, Turkish Cypriot ceramic artist Mümine Özdemirağ Yagli’s work ‘Anonimo’ is on display representing Northern Cyprus at the 60th Castellamonte Ceramics Exhibition held in Italy.

The work of Turkish Cypriot ceramic artist and ARUCAD Ceramics Department lecturer Mümine Özdemirağ Yagli’s ‘Anonimo’ is in the 60th ceramic exhibition held this year in Castellamonte, Turin, Italy. This year, the works of 110 artists from 25 different nationalities are exhibited at the Castellamonte Ceramics Exhibition, which hosts important names of ceramic art from all over the world and is organised with reference to the love for the red soil of the region. Yagli’s work named ‘Anonimo’ is the only work sent from the island, which was approved by the jury and found a place in the exhibition.

Continuing to train students as a full-time lecturer at ARUCAD Ceramics Department since 2017 and participating in various artistic workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and biennials since 2009, Yagli also continues to carry out her individual works at the ceramics workshop in Çatalköy.

Mümine Özdemirağ Yagli’s ceramic work ‘Anonimo’, which she shaped out of clay, using a potter’s lathe and freehand, will continue to be exhibited at the 60th International Castellamonte Ceramics Exhibition, held in Turin, Italy, until 12th September.

Source (Turkish):Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD)

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