December 5, 2022

The master plan study carried out by Cyprus International University with ARUP company, which has been operating in the fields of engineering, urban planning and architecture since 2017 and has built some of the most important buildings in the world, once again made us proud.  

In 2020, the university won the world title in the Urban Design (Built) category in the “Architecture, Construction and Design Awards 2020” competition, proving that it is a strong campus university in addition to its strong academic program.  This year, it received an award for one of the best 4 projects, amongst many worldwide projects in the “Best cultural and sports infrastructure” category of the “MIPIM 2021” awards.  MIPIM evaluates the world’s investments in different sectors.  The fact that Northern Cyprus is included in the “best” list of MIPIM, which has been making awards for the best structures of the world since 1991, it has created a proud picture for our country in both architectural and educational fields.

The winners, which will be announced at the MIPIM Awards ceremony at the Palais des Festivals Grand Auditorium in Cannes on September 8, will be selected on a 50/50 voting basis by the MIPIM delegates and a jury.

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Source (Turkish) : Cyprus International University


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