December 4, 2022

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Spokesperson Ömer Çelik arranged a press conference and answered the questions of journalists. Replying to the questions regarding the recent comments of the US Senator Bob Menendez that his dream is to see the last Turkish soldier leave North Cyprus, Çelik said “The Turkish Armed Forces will continue to be the guarantee of peace in Cyprus. He’s dreaming a fantasy. The Turkish Armed Forces are the guarantee of peace in North Cyprus, they are not there for nothing. Everyone, and the whole world, knows very well why the Turkish Armed Forces went there within the framework of the Peace Operation and what their presence means today”.

Pointing out that people are exposed to violence even during a football match or a simple visit to the Greek Cypriot side, Çelik emphasised that the Turkish Armed Forces will continue to guarantee peace in Cyprus, contribute to the protection of the Cyprus cause, and contribute to the security of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “Çelik: “Menendez will not see Turkish soldiers leaving the island”

  1. Super exactly how it should be. Menendez has more than enough on his own plate. Best he remains home to put out local fires.

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