December 7, 2022

The Hotel Management & Tourism Training Centre (OTEM), affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, which re-started training after many years, completed the Barista Training Course and made awards to its new graduates.

The 3-week Barista Training Course, was initiated by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Culture and OTEM, and has now been completed.  The trainees who successfully completed the written, oral and practical examinations are entitled to receive their Barista certificate which will help with their employment. 

Some of the trainees, seeking employment, have started the necessary studies in Famagusta and Nicosia regions. Some of them have been provided with part-time training  to improve their skills.  These employment-supported training projects will be provided for “the front office” service, Barista, housekeeping, and the other areas needed by the hospitality industry.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment will continue to accept applications for those who want to participate in the training projects that were initiated with the slogan “Our Country is Worth it”. The projects will help young people to obtain employment in the tourism sector and help to eliminate the shortage of intermediate staff, which has become the sector’s biggest problem.

Source (Turkish) TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment  



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