December 7, 2022

The Presidency noted that the Greek Cypriot side’s decision to cancel the passports of some Turkish Cypriots is new striking proof that the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ has completely transformed into a Greek Cypriot state and the legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriot sides are not respected at all.

 The Presidency stated that this implementation and the underlying dominance mentality clearly reveal the cause of the Cyprus conflict and why a federal partnership based on equality cannot be established and be sustainable in Cyprus.
The Presidency made a written statement and evaluated the Greek Cypriot side’s decision to cancel the passports of some Turkish Cypriots.
In the statement, it was stated that “passports, which do not go beyond being used as a travel document by many Turkish Cypriots for reasons arising from necessity have become a threat to Turkish Cypriots in order to serve the political aims of the Greek Cypriot Administration, contrary to basic human rights and freedoms.”
In the statement it was noted that the Turkish Cypriots used the passport of the state they founded out of necessity, not because they preferred the so-called “Republic of Cyprus” passports, but because they were excluded from the partnership state they established together and their freedom to travel, which is considered one of the most basic human rights and freedoms, is restricted until the passport of the state they have established is accepted in the international arena as necessary.
The following is also added in the statement:
“The Greek Cypriot side uses the Maraş/Varosha issue as an excuse in this hostile action, while revealing its status quo mentality and despair, on the other hand, it tries to cover up the fact that the point reached in both Maraş/Varosha and Cyprus is a product of its dominance and uncompromising attitude.”
“In forcing the Turkish Cypriots to do this, not only the Greek Cypriot Administration, but also the international community, which treated the usurper Greek Cypriot Administration as the ‘Government of Cyprus’ with resolution 186 of the UN Security Council on March 4, 1964, also has a responsibility.
The 1960 Partnership Republic is under the occupation of the Greek Cypriot partner and the Turkish Cypriot people, who are equal partners of this republic, have been deprived of all their rights and kept under inhumane restrictions and isolation for 58 years. The Turkish Cypriot people struggle to ensure that their right to sovereign equality and equal international status, stemming from history and international agreements, is respected.  On 24th August 2021 a new issue has been added to the violence and injustice that the Turkish Cypriots have been subjected to for years because they pursue this rightful struggle.
Turkish Cypriots, who are the equal owners of the island of Cyprus, have been exposed to many persecution, oppression, threats and intimidation policies during their struggle for existence, but they have never given up on their struggle. We will continue to walk with great determination on this road that we have set out with great courage to exist with our fundamental rights and freedoms on the island of Cyprus and to protect our sovereign equality. On this occasion, we would like to emphasise that our motherland Turkey is with us in exercising our freedom of travel, as it does in all matters.
The step taken to open the closed Maraş/Varosha, which has been a prisoner of the Cyprus conflict like the Turkish Cypriots for 47 years as a result of the hegemonic mentality of the Greek Cypriot side, from this captivity by respecting the rights of the right holders is a step towards breaking the status quo in accordance with the law. The Greek Cypriot side was dissatisfied with this step, which respects human rights, and is desperately trying to deter the taking of this step. We will continue to plan our future and move forward with firm steps and our own will, under the roof of our State, with all our determination, within the framework of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms ”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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