December 9, 2022

We have received information from Laurence Floyd giving the following updates regarding the Supper Club event at the Colony Garden, Girne on 15th September 2021.

1)   ” Hi everyone

Tickets will be available from Wednesday 25th August at Best Seller Karakum and Deli Cafe Alsancak ( Deli Cafe closes at 1pm).   Please bring the correct money £50 per ticket – no change available.

I will send email tomorrow with details pertaining to current Covid legislation, but I can assure you it will not impact on the Colony’s efforts to ensure we have a fantastic time.


2)   ” Hi everyone

Further to my recent meeting with the Colony Hotel management, I can now advise as follows:

No doubt you will all have seen the recent announcements from the health ministry. The rules and guidance for outside events are less onerous than for inside Hotel activities.

When arriving at the Colony Garden, we will be asked to show either;

A full vaccination certificate, or an Adapass, or an Antigen Flow test/CPR test result.
I am sure all attendees arriving from the UK will have been vaccinated, due to the quarantine issue.
I and many others have had problems with the currently flawed Adapass system, hence paper certificates will suffice.

On entering the Garden, please check where you are sitting/table number etc. Delia, myself, and Sue Tilt of Tulips and her team will be on hand to assist, as you need to go direct to your table, rather than congregate in the entrance area as we normally do.   Welcome cocktails will be served to your table, as will all drinks post 7.30pm. Wine and water will already be on the tables.

Really looking forward to all getting together for a super night after 2 years!

Best regards

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