December 3, 2022

Turkish swimmers clinch top spots in Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race.

Turkish Cypriot swimmers also took part in the 33rd Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race and participated in the Turkish Championship.  I once again called to the whole world to understand how important it is to see what Turkish Cypriots can achieve in a universal sense when they find the necessary opportunities.

In the meeting held with the Northern Cyprus Water Sports Federation management and our swimmers, I once again repeated that the TRNC has a clear path in various sports branches, as in every field.

Exercising is the most basic human right. The outdated mentality that hinders the Turkish Cypriot athletes with all kinds of injustices, embargoes and pressures is doomed sooner or later.

The TRNC state will continue to protect its athletes today as it did yesterday.

I heartily congratulate our athletes who work in all branches,  and their families, coaches and managers who support them.

Source: Ersin Tatar Facebook

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