December 3, 2022

President Tatar stated: “We have been on this land for 450 years and we will continue to exist”

In his message issued on 1st of August Communal Resistance Day; President Ersin Tatar emphasised that “The State and Sovereignty cannot be given up”.

Tatar noted that while Cyprus was conquered by the Turks on 1st August 1571, with 80,000 martyrs, justice and peace were brought to those living under oppression in Venetian administration, and that their ancestors were brought from Anatolia and settled in these lands.

Tatar added, “Anatolia is where our ancestry, blood, and roots are. Therefore, we are proud to be Turk.”

Stating that the Turkish Resistance Organisation (TMT) had a great struggle against the Greek Cypriot attacks that started on 21st December 1963, Tatar stated that this struggle prevented the people from disappearing and that their own administration was formed and the first foundations of the state were established.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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