December 9, 2022

Turkish Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar said “You cannot get anywhere by ignoring the Turkish Cypriots and the Republic of Turkey”.

In his statement during a visit, Akar said “We always tell our Greek neighbours that we favour finding political solutions to problems through peace, tranquility, and dialogue within the scope of agreements but on the other hand our Greek Cypriot neighbours have not given up on provocative statements and aggressive rhetoric”.

He underlined that Turkey continues to resolutely carry out its duties to protect the nation’s rights and interests in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and the island of Cyprus.

“We are determined to protect and safeguard our rights and interests in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus, as well as the rights and interests of our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters. Whatever needs to be done in this regard we have done and will continue to do so with determination. Let no one doubt that,” he said. Stressing the importance of sharing hydrocarbon wealth equally, Akar said that they cannot get anywhere by ignoring the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey. Turkey is a guarantor country and, as a guarantor, Turkey is determined to protect its own and Turkish Cypriot rights. Turkey will not allow any “fait accompli” in the region, he stressed.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “Akar: You cannot ignore Turkish Cypriots and Republic of Turkey

  1. A source in RoC said that RoC was considering to end the use of RoC Passports and ID cards held by Cypriots in TRNC. This is controversial and will not be conducive to maintaining the goal of living in peace as good neighbours. .This will force Turkey to issue Passports to TRNC Cypriots and TRNC then becoming effectively a state of Turkey. The alternative is to start the process of recognition of TRNC as an independent country by urging OIC to ask its members to do just that.

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