June 5, 2023

In cooperation with Girne Municipality and Girne Evkaf Kindness Volunteers, the teams participating in the Empty Walls Graffiti and Painting Contest with the slogan “Turn walls into Love” appeared before the evaluation committee for the first evaluations.

The meeting was held on Thursday 1st July 2021, at the Girne Municipality New Service Building, attended by Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, General Art Director Derman Atik, Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists Association President Musa Kayra, Artist Şenol Özdevrim, and Educator-Poet Fatoş Avcısoyu Ruso.

The teams in the competition, which was held with the participation of teams of 4-7 people, consisting of young people between the ages of 15-25, had an enjoyable time. The young people, who inform the board about their work, will practice in various parts of the city in the coming days.

Bringing unused areas to urban aesthetics, contributing to environmental and landscape studies in the competition, which aims to meet young people by shaping the future with the continuity of learning, teamwork and sharing of ideas, and to support the realisation of the projects they produce, the winners will be rewarded in August as a result of the evaluation of the works to be applied to the designated places by a jury including the artists.

In the statement made by the Municipality of Girne, it was noted that the first team will receive 3000 TL, the second team will receive 2000 TL, and the third place will receive 1000 TL.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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