December 3, 2022

Readers mail….
From Direct Flights to North Cyprus (DFNC)….

Dear CyprusScene,

DFNC (Direct Flights to North Cyprus) is a newly formed campaign group created to lobby the British Parliamentarians toward the ultimate aim of direct flights between the United Kingdom and North Cyprus. The group was inspired by Kadir Kanizi’s UK Parliament petition calling for the same goal.

We have just launched a new push to reach 100,000 for Kadir’s campaign. At 100,000 signatures the U.K. Government are obliged to debate the issue in parliament. With this is mind we ask everyone to act now by signing on and sharing the following petition link before 30 October 2021.

While the long term ambition is to achieve direct flights we are calling on community support for an interim goal which we believe will make a huge difference to the Turkish Cypriot community, British expats living in North Cyprus, their visiting family, indeed any travellers to the TRNC. Our live campaign asks British MP’s support the removal of the British Government imposed requirement for disembarkation and security screening at mainland Turkish airports for flights between the UK and TRNC.  In 2017, the UK were the only country in the world to introduce the requirement for disembarkation and security screening. This has caused enormous inconvenience and difficulties for the elderly, the disabled and those travelling with young children. Every country, other than the UK, permit ‘touchdown’ only in Turkey, travellers remain aboard the aircraft for short period of time before continuing to Ercan Airport. However, passengers from the UK are forced to leave the aircraft with all their personal belongings, pass through additional security,  and reboard another aircraft which is often a great distance away from the point of disembarkation. These measures will be even more restrictive once the international airport at Istanbul is fully constructed – the new Istanbul airport will be the largest in the world. This won’t be news to any CyprusScene readers. The inconvenience is felt by British residents and their visiting family.  We would very much appreciate CyprusScene readers’ support for our campaign! This will take less than 30 seconds of your time.  We have created a link to an autofill letter for British Citizens to send to their MP.

The letter asks that their MP convene a meeting with both the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to review the inhumane security measures when travelling to Ercan Airport. So far over 689 letters have been sent from across the UK, reaching more than 30.5% of the UK MPs. We ask for all readers to ask their friends and family members to also send this pre-prepared letter to their MP and help us end this injustice. Please click the link here

We have just launched similar style response letter templates for anyone dissatisfied with their MP’s response. With 4 different templates, one which can be customised.

You can contact the DFNC team at

Thank you DFNC Team

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