March 23, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

I had the pleasure this past week to go with Richard Chamberlain (the man behind the camera) when he visited the Gazimağusa Municipality to meet the Mayor, Ismail Arter who was delighted to receive a presentation of Richard’s books of photographs of Varosha/Maras.

The Municipality made photographs of the occasion and placed them on their Facebook page which we are showing and offer a translation of what they said.

“Richard Chamberlain, who served in the British Army between 1954-1955, visited Famagusta/ Gazimağusa  Mayor İsmail Arter and presented his two books of old Cyprus photographs.

In his speech, Gazimağusa Mayor İsmail Arter stated that he opened Richard Chamberlain 1954-1955 Life Landscapes in Cyprus Exhibition organised by the Municipality in 2014, when they met there and that he was happy to host them in Famagusta/Gazimağusa again today.

Richard Chamberlain, who served in the British Army between 1954-1955, stated that they spent their free time in Varosha and the beautiful beaches of Cyprus, and that he wrote a book about the photographs he took in Famagusta, where he spent most of his time. Chamberlain said that his first book, Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954, reflects the state of the city and its people at that time. Chamberlain stated that his second book, Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954 and sixty years later in 2014, published in 2014, is a study in which old and current photographs are compared. He presented the book to Famagusta/Gazimağusa Mayor İsmail Arter. Richard Chamberlain thanked Mayor İsmail Arter, who previously hosted the exhibition and provided all kinds of support and information in this context.”

Following our visit to meet the Mayor at Gazimağusa Municipality, Richard took me down to Varosha and we went for a short visit by minibus through this famous area and to realise what tremendous tourist potential this presents for the TRNC and I hope to be able to go back and spend more time there soon and in the meanwhile shown below are links to articles Richard Chamberlain has written about his books and Varosha on CyprusScene..

Richard’s first exhibition of his books in Famagusta with the help and support of Mayor Ismail Arter

Famagusta beaches long ago

Richard Chamberlain returns to Famagusta.

Another look at 1954 Famagusta

Looking at the changes in Famagusta

Podcast created from a CyprusScene video interview

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  1. Through the lens of his camera, as a young man,Richard Chamberlain inadvertently had captured a moment in time… who could have known, back then , how things would change..
    I have been fortunate to meet Richard, and hear his stories first hand…, great photographer, and great personal memories.. I am so glad that his beautiful collection of photographs will be appreciated.

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